The World First Automotive Grade Fully Additive Manufacturing Production Line Contract is Signed Between XEV and Korean Carmaker JMC

News | 22/04/2019

On March 18, 2019, the world first automotive grade fully additive manufacturing production line contract is signed between XEV and Korean carmaker JMC, and on April 20 the first pack of the order has been delivered. This additive manufacturing production solution includes 50 3D printers and 4 post-processing station with totaling value more than 3 million euros. JMC says it will use this solution to produce and sell XEV 3D printed cars in Korea.


Our additive manufacturing production solutions are in production and we are in touch with several major automotive OEM for application, our solution will save more than 80% time and cost of new car development which will help the automotive industry to save hundreds of millions waste every year. The first product will pre-sell in September 2019 in Europe and will deliver in the first season of 2020. 

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