XEV participates in the Valentino auto show in Turin.

The emerging way of making cars in 3D printing has caused a stir in the traditional car city, Turin.

News | 03/07/2019

On June 19-22, XEV joined the Italian car dealer tecnicars to participate in the Valentino auto show in Turin. XEV's two high-speed electric vehicles and the world's first pure 3D printed electric car was exhibited. This is also the first public display of the first 3D printing car YOYO independently developed by XEV. The appearance of YOYO attracted the attention of more than 150,000 viewers. The emerging way of making cars in 3D printing has caused a stir in the traditional car city, Turin.

Italian national television station RAI 2; well-known car magazine Quattroruote has been on-site coverage. Andrea Levy, President of Valentino Motor Show, and Chiara Appendino, Mayor of Turin, visited the booth and became interested in the production of 3D printed cars. Italian Olympic superstar Piero gross was also invited to the booth to inquire about the design and production process of the 3D printing car and said that it would become the XEV owner in the future.

The 3D printed low-speed electric car exhibited at this exhibition has a length of 2582mm and a width and height of 1500mm and 1545mm respectively. The body weighs 550 kg and has a cruising range of up to 150 km. It is worth mentioning that the main components of this model are made with 3D printing technology. XEV has partnered with Polymaker, a new material developer in Shanghai, to enhance its material properties and enhance vehicle flexibility and stability. 3D printing is an emerging production method. Compared with the traditional automotive reduction manufacturing form, 3D printing additive manufacturing saves raw materials and can easily achieve high customization of the appearance cover. In the first quarter of this year, XEV also signed the world's first additive manufacturing order with JMC of South Korea, creating a precedent in the industry.

YOYO's debut also brought a new business model, which can achieve high customization and rapid iteration of the body shape, while reducing the cost of the vehicle to the extreme - only 2 euros per day, equivalent to the price of two cups of coffee. Astroauto, Italy's largest auto dealer alliance with annual sales exceeding 200,000, said that the world's first mass-produced 3D printed electric vehicle YOYO will cause a sensation in the automotive market and believe that future cooperation will be successful.

On June 19th, the auto show organizer invited XEV CEO Lou Tik to drive the world's first 3D printed electric vehicle YOYO to participate in the auto show parade in the city center. This exhibition is called “the car from the future” and dozens of tens of millions of super-running and classic cars are driving along the streets of Turin, attracting attention from passers-by.

At the same time, there are two high-speed electric vehicles iEV7S and iEV6E cooperated with JAC. The iEV7S is a compact electric SUV with a length, width, and height of 4135mm, 1750mm and 1560mm respectively. The weight of the car is 1,460kg and the cruising range can reach 385km. The iEV6E locates the city's small electric SUV with length, width, and height of 3775mm, 1685mm and 1570mm respectively. The body weight is 1230kg, and the 41kwh battery can achieve a cruising range of 400km. The iEV6E and iEV7S are the best-selling models of JAC in China, and the two models will be available for sale in Italy soon.

The auto show XEV also invited the Chinese new energy electric vehicle company WM Automobile to participate in the exhibition. WM Automobile carried its first European exhibition with its first compact intelligent long-life home pure electric SUV, the WM EX5. The WM EX5 caused great repercussions at the auto show with its intelligent driving and long battery life. WM will cooperate with XEV in Italy for sales, and nearly 1800 car purchase orders have been received at the auto show.

With the world's first 3D printed electric car YOYO, XEV became the booth with the highest visit rate and exposure rate at the Valentino Motor Show in Turin. The audience said that they were attracted by YOYO's high-cost performance and extremely low cost of use, and they were interested in purchasing. XEV's world's first 3D printed electric car will be sold online on the Kickstarter website in July this year, with an estimated price of $10,000. 

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