Low speed,
high technology.

The LSEV is a low-speed electric car, L7 segment, designed to tackle the demands of modern, urban life. 

Small and agile yet spacious and safe.  


We use high quality Lithium batteries in all of our vehicles. This not only guarantees a reliable and long lasting performance but also keeps weight to a minimum, meaning you go further on every charge.

Target Specifications

150km Range

70 KMH

Home Charging

and battery swapping

650 kg gross weight

3D Technology

Our 3D printers
Innovative printers created for the production of large-size models using incremental technology.
Printers works in FDM technology   Working area: 2000 x 1200 x 1000 mm Working area: 1200 x 1000 x 2000 mm.  
Top quality components results in the highest printing precision, speed and stability.
Specially developed automotive grade filaments
Thermo-Insulated, heated chamber necessary for printing with the   demanding materials used in the production of industrial quality components.
Software which was created specifically for our printer line-up
Our 3D printers are accompanied by a totally automatic post processing line,
to guarantee efficiency, precision and quality.
3D Printing - For a Flexible Production Line

Traditional methods of producing cars typically involve large, complicated molds and tools that are not only expensive, but also part-specific.


Our 3D printing production line virtually eliminates the need for such limited and resource intensive tooling, resulting in a flexible and efficient manufacturing process.


This technology allows for fewer components, faster technical updates and significantly reduced production cycles. It also dramatically reduces production costs meaning the savings can be passed on to our customers

Thanks to a pre-designd standarized chassis, the 3D pieces can be modified and changed with significantly less re-engineering.
A New relationship between
smart manufacturers and users with 3D printing
XEV will send a personalised design suggestion
Project progress can be followed and change throughout process
Make a
purchase request or design modification
Individual design characters identification
Cloud information research
Design approved?
Final project data sent
to the XEV factory
Your profile
Status Occupation Hobbies Preferences
XEV Design Store - A new Business Model
XEV Design Store
Personalised car design market
A car design market everyone can participate in
XEV Data open source
XEV Design APP
Profit Distribution
XEV will provide open source data where designers from all over the world will be able to create new designs within XEV's design standards.
To provide maximum participation in the design, customers would be able to personalise their own car with a variety of design elements using a highly detailed configurator.
XEV Design Store will provide a convenient and efficient design platform that will allow designers to share
their vision and join in with
the creation of a creative and
highly diversified range.
Speed up design & development
Data analysis & user interaction
XEV will disclose some of its cloud analysis data to help designers understand recent trends and demands, providing designers with more information and customers with a
better product experience.
For each specially designed model sold, 30% of the profits will be paid to its designer.
XEV aims to become both a manufacturer and a service provider,
establishing a complete, smart car ecosystem.
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